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Clean Label and Sustainable Food


Clean Label Product

More and more consumers are starting to pay attention to the ingredients used in the food they purchased as well as food safety-related issues. The Clean Label movement has been gaining traction all over the world. The Clean Label movement, a brainchild of retailers Marks & Spencer and Tesco, and European Union uses E-numbers to help consumers understand food safely by displaying how much additives are in the food they buy. A product with more E-numbers indicates more additives are added. The clean and transparent break-down of product ingredients empowers consumers to choose food products which are truly healthy and safe.


Many developed nations are recognizing the Clean Label as an important social movement. The core spirit of this movement is to encourage food supplies and manufacturers to display product ingredients honestly, so that consumers can have access to transparent and accurate information instead of relying on certifications and awards. Thus, there is no universal standard for Clean Label products as yet. The European Union has established a few principles for Clean Label products, which have gained the approval of most consumers:


  • Use natural ingredients. The fewer and simpler the ingredients, the better.

  • No artificial additives, chemicals, and preservatives.

  • Product labels are marked with clear and transparent information about the ingredients use. No incomprehensible names of chemical additives.

  • The simpler and shorter the production process, the better.

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Sustainable Food  


As the problem of global warming gets worse and causes extreme weather patterns; it is also becoming increasingly difficult to obtain foods and ingredients that are safe and healthy. In order to combat the food crisis brought about by global warming, the United Nations has actively promoted the idea of Sustainable Food since 2010 as a solution for all to participate in and become influential. Sustainable Food refers to foods that are


  • health-friendly food (natural, free of artificial additives, healthy and safe food);

  • eco-friendly (can be regrown, require low energy consumption, low in GHG emissions, cause minimal damage to the environment);

  • future-generation-friendly (not over-taxing on the Earth's resources, low pollution);

  • animal-friendly (animal protein is obtained via products such as eggs and soymilk to avoid harming animals).


The key principle of Sustainable Food is to emphasize every step, such as food production processes, the production of raw ingredients, packaging, transportation and marketing, development of our planet, has been taken consideration of the health of consumers, the impact on our environment as well as the sustainable.


Produces Sustainable Food based on

the Clean Label idea  


At Natural Tasty, we believe business growth should not be at the expense of people and the planet. That’s why we’ve committed to develop sustainable food, and provide clean label products with the principal of “natural, healthy and eco-friendly”. Our three core values are integrity, responsibility and respect. We aim to make positive social impact through our brand, our commercial operations and relationships.


As a Clean Label Sustainable Food provider, we take into consideration the sustainable symbiosis between people and the land throughout the manufacturing process, such as ingredients used to production, packaging, and transportation. Our comprehensive strategies are implemented in the following ways:


  • Health as a top priority:We consider people’s healthy as the first priority and protect the environment for our descendants to leave them a clean world to live in.

  • Food sources:We support small farmers as they revamp their agricultural practices to become more sustainable, so that land resources can be developed in a sustainable fashion. For agricultural products that have been produced on sustainable farms, we adopt a long-term sustainable purchasing method as our strategy when working with these farmers.

  • Reduce waste:The effective use of every part of an ingredient reduces the food wastes. Production numbers are adjusted in accordance to the quantities ordered; this reduces the amount stored in stock. Design small packages containing one serving can reduce food waste. We try to minimize waste and encouraging consumers to do the same.

  • Product R&D:Investing in the development of Clean Label Sustainable Food based on seasonal crops, insisting on using natural ingredients without any additives, simplifying recipes which contain only 6 to 9 ingredients per item, and labeling each product clearly.

  • Production process:Develop low-heat and energy-efficient production technologies to maximize nutrients preserved in our food products. The production flow is also simplified to make quality and flavorful sustainable food.

  • Product packaging:Eco-friendly packaging materials are used. The amount of packaging and printing materials used is also minimized. External packaging is designed in such a way that they can be flattened before disposal, which significantly reduces the space occupied by the recycled material by 95%. The dimensions of the external packaging are calculated with precision, so that the size of the external packaging and the gift boxes can be minimized to reduce the amount of packaging material used; this also significantly reduces the space taken up by these products during shipping, thus reducing the carbon footprint generated during delivery. Plastic materials are used to package the food itself and reduce the amount of plastic packaging materials by 50%. Find effective ways to reduce our environmental impact in every little detail.

  • Sales and marketing:We promote the consumption philosophy of "what you are eating now will determine the future of this land". We encourage consumers to choose sustainable food that is healthy, eco-friendly, safe, and delicious. You will also be investing in a healthier and safer future for yourself and your family.

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