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Eating the good sugar for your good health

Sugar provides energy that our bodies need, helps maintain our body's natural metabolic responses, and can provide a quick boost of energy during exercise. Sugar is also a life-saving source of nourishment when blood sugar levels dip too low.


Unfortunately, in order to attract more customers, especially children, many companies in the food industry add large amounts of sugar to their food and beverage products. Some even use artificial sweeteners and syrup to lower production costs, resulting in rising levels of obesity and chronic disease in the general population.


In recent years, many studies have concluded that a diet high in sugar content is a silent threat to our health. Researchers recommend a lower intake of artificial sugar and sweeteners, and encourage consumers to have natural sugars like oligosaccharides (simple sugars), maltose, maple sugar, honey, and coconut sugar.


Malt sugar, a natural sugar, ancient and precious with over 3 millennia history.


Legend holds that the history of malt sugar began in the Shang dynasty. The Shang people called it "yi", which was recorded in “The Book Of Songs”. With a history of more than 3,000 years, malt sugar is the oldest type of sugar currently known. By the Han dynasty, the production of malt sugar was widespread. Malt sugar has both culinary and medicinal uses. Even today, it plays a very important role in the culinary culture and healthy cuisines of Chinese Asia and is viewed as a ‘healthy’ sugar source.

Classic Sweet with a Venerable Legacy


Many countries have the sweet or candy closely associated with their history and heritage. In Europe, people extract sugar from beetroot and add in ingredients that are native and unique to their region. Classic examples include English Toffee, France Pâte de Fruits, Russian Soft Candy, and Turkish Delight. Each has its own unique legacy.


In Taiwan, people have been making glutinous-rice malt from malt and glutinous rice for a hundred years. Natural Tasty gives a new twist to “Pine-nut Candy”, a delicious treat that was once reserved only for members of the royal family, to create a classic sweet named “Taiwan Sweet”.


Taiwan Sweet is a glutinous rice maltose-based beloved confection that binds pine nuts, Taiwan red quinoa and sesame seed. Its nutty and lovely sweet flavors make for a tasty combination with the chewy-crisp balance. It is ideal for healthy sweet lovers with nature ingredients, artificial additives free, low sugar, low salinity, rich fiber, great sources of vitamin, essential nutrients and produced by low energy production process. 


best healthy sweet 宮廷養生點心 松子芝麻酥糖


​​Double the nuts, half the sugar


Pine nuts are known as "longevity nuts", Taiwan red quinoa has been called the "red ruby of grains", and sesame seeds are known as "brain gold " and " blood vessel cleaner". Our healthy recipe uses a nut to malt sugar ratio of 2:1. This gives you twice as amount nuts and half the sugar, reducing the sweetness level and the burden on your body significantly while satisfying your taste buds.


6 natural and healthy ingredients, free of artificial additives


Three types of nuts and grains, combine glutinous rice malt, cane sugar, and Himalayan salt are the 6 natural and healthy ingredients found in our candy. With a simple recipe, we have created a set of tasty and classic flavors that shine through.


best healthy sweet 宮廷養生點心 松子紅藜芝麻酥糖


A traditional 12-step method is used to make Taiwan Sweet, with only 120 lumps produced per batch


We use a traditional 12-step method to hand make Taiwan Sweet. The raw malt sugar, which is given sufficient time to mature, is smooth and silky. This is then poured over nuts that are twice its weight.


As only wholly natural ingredients are used, no intermediate product can be made and stored before making the actual candy itself. Thus, the production of every batch begins from heating malt sugar to soften it. As there is only half as much malt sugar as nuts by volume, the sugar cools and hardens rapidly during the production process. Thus, we use only small pots to make our candies, with only 120 pieces made per batch.   


best healthy sweet 養ㄕㄥ養生點心 紅藜芝麻酥糖 養生甜食
best healthy sweet 宮廷養生點心 松子芝麻酥糖 養ㄕ養生甜食


Respecting Nature, Returning to Roots


The fragrance of natural nut oils complements perfectly the sweetness of glutinous rice malt sugar. The softness of glutinous rice malt sugar combines with the crunchiness of the nuts, creating a multi-layered texture that is rich and delicious. With the ingenuity hand make skill, Taiwan Sweet represents a classic sweet that is delectable and sophisticated.

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