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Brand Logo:Phoenix Qilin


The God Wenheng Sheng Dizui's encyclical


Natural Tasty was established by Ms. Lee Yun Chen in Taitung in 2013. With a simple but clear purpose – to make natural, healthy and tasty food commonplace, Natural Tasty was the first social enterprise in Taiwan to develop sustainable food under the guiding principles of the Clean Label movement. We provide healthy, safe, eco-friendly dessert and food that made with nature ingredients, no artificial additive, no artificial or chemical components, and continually look at new ways to reduce waste and environmental impact.


And by leveraging our global reach, we are devoted to advocate the consumption philosophy of “The food you choose will determine the future of land“, and inspiring people to take small, everyday actions, we believe we can help to make a big difference to the world.


Under the guidance and blessings of the Deity Wen Heng Sheng Dizui, whom worshiped by Ms. Lee Yun Chen’s family. Natural Tasty was given a “Phoenix Qilin” design as brand logo. The totem of mythical creature has a horse's head, single horn, the scales of dragon and the wings of phoenix, soaring around the world in the celestial skies of the universe. His doctrine is, “To outshine other competitors, conquer challenges like the rebirth of phoenix nirvana, and achieve the great triumphs.”


From generation to generation


Natural Tasty seeks to explore the relationship between the land, food and people, and find a sustainable equilibrium that balances taste, health, and environmental protection.


A combination of nature ingredients, simple recipe, and eco-friendly process is capable of creating heavenly taste. People enjoy food with gratitude and feed to land in return. The essence and wisdom of food relationship will pass down from generation to generation, and this is the tenet that Natural Tasty is striving for.


The immortal classic dessert


The wisdom of Chinese regimen is precious imprint of food for centuries, which has molded countless classic desserts and delicacies, also inspired the creativities of our products.


The classic desserts are everlasting. It's always engraved upon our soul, despite having been forgotten at some point over the centuries, are still been reminded and loved by people as soon as they reappear. We are determined to seek ancient recipes of classic dessert, make them with natural ingredients and ancient way, in healthy living and sustainable direction.


Now, the classic desserts reappear from hundreds or thousands years ago. Magic’s found in the most usual things, in the respect to nature, in the sincerity to food, in the pure flavor and natural taste, in the smell and sigh of comfort, and then, we make it becomes the immortal classic dessert.


best healthy sweet養生甜食松子紅藜芝麻酥糖
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