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Reduce waste and environmental impact

Consumers want to buy high-quality products, not layers upon layers of decorative packaging.


Natural Tasty reduces the amount of packaging and printing materials used in our products. We adopt a simple and elegant style when it comes to product design in line with our company's positioning and philosophy. This way, we can minimize the amount of materials used in packaging as well as lower the complexity associated with printing.


  • The paper boxes and gift boxes of our products can be opened up into a single sheet of paper; which takes up 95% less space during recycling.


  • The reduced complexity and printing area also increase 80% utilization rate of recycled pulp.


  • The dimensions of the external packaging are precisely calculated, so that the sizes of the external packaging and the gift box can be minimized to reduce the amount of packaging material used; This in turn significantly reduces the space taken up by these products during delivery, thus reducing the carbon footprint generated during product delivery.


  • Plastics are used to package the food itself only. And 100g of Taiwan Sweets ingredients will produce up to 10 lumps, which means only 10 wrappers are made. This results in a 50% reduction in plastic usage, effectively reducing the impact on our environment.


We place great value on the sustainable co-existence of people, food, and the land. From product design, manufacturing, and transportation, we place an equal emphasis on product development and environmental sustainability for reducing the impact on the environment in every detail, and turning these ideas into concrete actions. We believe that only such products are worthy of the respect and loyalty of customers.


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