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Born from the "small but yummy" sweet potatoes


During our search for sweet potatoes cultivated using farmland-friendly agricultural methods, we came across many small farmers who, due to the instability in terms of harvesting quality and quantity during the long transition period required for farmland to adapt to the new farming method, face financial difficulties. Some of the sweet potatoes that these farmers often grow during the transition period are of high quality but small size. As a result, they are frequently discarded, which represents a huge waste of food. Hence, we spent 10 months developing a new steamed bread, to put these "small but yummy" sweet potatoes to good use.


The steamed bread was born from a food revolution against the global warming. For thousands of years, bread has been baked under high temperature. We revolutionized the high-temperature baking process using a healthier and more energy-efficient steam method. Sweet potatoes and red quinoa grown in Taiwan are our main ingredients.


After skinning and steaming, the sweet potatoes are mashed and mixed into the dough. This is why the sizes of the sweet potatoes do not matter, allowing us to help reduce food waste by putting small sweet potato outcasts to good use. We support small farmers as they work to make their agricultural practices more sustainable, moving toward our goal of sustainable food procurement.



Soft, moist, and smooth texture


Natural Tasty's first steamed bread product is made in a classic muffin shape by following a sophisticated English style. We named it the English Steam Bread, which includes two products in the series: sweet potato steamed bread and red quinoa and sweet potato steamed bread.


For the English-style steamed bread, we use natural enzymes found in sweet potatoes during the fermentation process, then add in wheat flour to the mixture and allow the dough to ferment for 60 hours at low temperature to derive a European-style aged dough.


Saccharification enzymes found in sweet potatoes break down the carbohydrates in sweet potatoes into oligosaccharides (simple sugars), maltose, and glucose.


The fermented yeast has a mild, sweet and sour fragrance. The long, low-temperature fermentation process gives the aged dough a rich taste. After steaming, the bread is highly porous, giving it a soft, moist, and smooth texture.


Healthy sweet potato dough recipe,eating our bread is like eating sweet potatoes.


A unique and healthy recipe using a 1:1 sweet potato to flour ratio. Eating our bread is like eating sweet potatoes. Our special 3-step kneading technique overcomes the soft and mushy texture of sweet potatoes dough, so that our steamed bread, despite containing a high proportion of sweet potatoes, still has a solid and chewy texture typical of European-style breads.


10 natural and healthy ingredients, no artificial additives and chemical components.


Two types of healthy nuts, sweet potatoes, wheat flour, deep sea water, enzyme-fermented aged dough, organic virgin olive oil, glutinous rice malt sugar, natural yeast from France, and Himalayan salt are the 10 natural and healthy ingredients found in our product. With a simple recipe, we have created a set of rich and classic flavors. In line with Clean Label principal, no artificial additives and chemical components are added. We want the natural sweetness of the ingredients to warm the hearts of every one in your family with love and happiness.

Contain pine nuts, walnuts, and almonds, the steam bread is only about 400 calories per serving.


Healthy organic virgin olive oil is used instead of butter, providing an excellent source of fat and enhancing our body's absorption of the lipo-soluble vitamin A and β-carotene found in sweet potatoes. Finally, premium nuts like pine nuts, walnuts, and almonds are added to provide a rich source of dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, and micro-nutrients. The bread is satisfying and boosts the metabolism. One serving contains only about 400 calories.


Steamed at 100℃ and quick frozen to -40℃ locks in freshness, allowing you to enjoy the taste of oven-fresh bread whenever, wherever.

We revolutionized traditional bread-making methods that require baking at high temperatures, and instead adopted a more energy-efficient method of steaming our dough at 100℃, allowing the bread to form at a lower temperature. This saves at least 70% energy than traditional baking methods, and at the same time, preserves more nutrients in the natural ingredients that we use to make our bread. The finished product retains the light fragrance of its ingredients.


Quick freezing at -40℃ locks in the freshness of the bread, preserving its fresh-out-of-the-oven texture. Steam the frozen bread in a steam cooker for 10 minutes to enjoy the taste of freshly baked bread whenever, wherever.


Healthy snack and staple


Our English Steam Bread is natural, free from additives, low in sugar and fat, high in fiber, rich in a wide variety of nutrients, and free from grease. Whether you and your family enjoys it during mealtime, as an afternoon snack, or as a light supper, our steamed bread is your best choice.


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