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Sustainable Purchasing  

Taiwan has been developing its organic farming industry for over 20 years, but the percentage of organic farms is still less than 1% of the total number of farms. Many young farmers are returning to their homes to become organic farmers.


The first step is to rehabilitate the farmland by using farmland-friendly methods that will restore its vitality and vigor before the farmers can proceed with organic farming. This transitional period takes 5 to 10 years. During this time, both the quality and quantity of the produce will be unstable.


Many farmers will have to take up other jobs in addition to farming in order to make a living. Furthermore, even if these farms manage to transform into organic farms, the farmers will still face risks such as low prices and slow-to-clear stocks when the harvest is plentiful, or high prices and slow sales during the slow season.


Natural Tasty adopts a sustainable food procurement strategy and develops sustainable food products using crops produced by farmland-friendly methods.


We provide healthy and safe food choices for consumers, so that they can regain their power in the decision-making process when it comes to food options, which in turn brings about a revolution in food and consumption habits in this new era.


This will lead to the formation of a sustainable development circle for our society and economy, resulting in mutual benefits for the environment, food suppliers, and consumers.

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